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In which of the following is no work done?
a) none of the above
b) lifting a book
c) climbing stairs

A 100 m long ski lift carries skiers from a station at the foot of a slope to a second station 40 m above. What is the IMA of the lift?
a) 2.5
b) 40
c) 100

A machine is classified as a compound machine if it
a) has an IMA greater than 1
b) has moving parts
c) is made up of two or more simple machines that operate together

The power of a machine measures
a) the force it produces
b) its strength
c) its rate of doing work

The bottle opener is what type of a lever?
a) Class 1
b) class 2
c) class 3

The mechanical efficiency of any machine is always _____ than 100%.
a) equal to
b) more than
c) less than

The force that is exerted on a machine is called the __________ force.
a) input
b) output

2 or more simple machines working together to make up a(an) ______ machine
a) simple
b) compound
c) movable

Besides a reduction in friction, the only way to increase the amount of work output of a machine is to _______ the work input
a) increase
b) decrease

A device that changes the size or direction of force used to do work is called a(an) _______
a) pulley
b) lever
c) machine

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