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To which family does Romeo belong?
a) Capulet
b) Escalus
c) Montague
d) Verona

Who starts the fight in the street at the opening of the play?
a) Montague
b) Capulet
c) Romeo
d) The servants of the families

A young Capulet who bitterly hates the Montagues
a) Tybalt
b) Mercutio
c) Benvolio
d) Paris

A young woman who has taken a vow of chastity
a) Rosaline
b) Juliet
c) Nurse
d) Verona

A young man who has a crude, mocking view of love
a) Mercutio
b) Romeo
c) Benvolio
d) Paris

The suitor who wishes to marry Juliet
a) Paris
b) Mercutio
c) Tybalt
d) Benvolio

Romeo’s cousin who tries to distract him from Rosaline
a) Benvolio
b) Mercutio
c) Tybalt
d) Paris

What does Romeo ask Nurse to do at the end of Act Two?
a) Buy a poison
b) Hide Juliet from her parents
c) Go away
d) Leave a ladder at Juliet's window

Where do Romeo and Juliet first meet?
a) At the ball.
b) On her balcony
c) At the street brawl
d) This is not in the play

Which of the following is a relative of Juliet?
a) Nurse
b) Tybalt
c) Benvolio
d) Rosaline

Why is Romeo sulking at the start of the play?
a) He hates the feud.
b) His parents are punishing him.
c) His crush doesn't love him in return.
d) The fight was broken up before he could kill anyone.

Who dreams of Queen Mab?
a) Romeo
b) Juliet
c) Benvolio
d) Mercutio

What does Prince Escalus say will happen if another street fight happens again between the Montagues and Capulets?
a) They'll be imprisoned.
b) They'll be exiled.
c) They'll be executed.
d) They'll be excommunicated from the Church.

What is Capulet’s response to Paris’s request to marry Juliet?
a) Sure!
b) Only if she she wants to.
c) No way!
d) What will I get in return?

Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry them in secret?
a) He doesn't want their parents to find out.
b) Romeo is paying him a lot of money.
c) He thinks their marriage will end the feud.
d) The wedding is illegal.

Where is the play set?
a) Padua
b) Verona
c) Paris
d) London

At the start of the play, how does Juliet feel about marriage?
a) She has been planning out what her wedding will be like for years.
b) She will happily marry whomever her parents choose.
c) She never wants to marry.
d) She hasn't given it much thought.

Who knows about the wedding, other than the bride, groom, and Friar Lawrence?
a) Nurse
b) Benvolio
c) Peter
d) Mercutio

Why does Romeo agree to go to the Capulet’s party?
a) To meet someone new
b) To see Juliet
c) To see Rosaline
d) To mock the Capulets

For how long have Juliet and Romeo known each other when they get engaged?
a) A few hours
b) One day
c) A few weeks
d) All their lives

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