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What is the smallest unit of a living thing?
a) netron
b) cell
c) nucleus
d) fungi

How are plant and animal cells similar?
a) they both have chloroplasts
b) They only have one part
c) both have a cell membrane
d) They both have cell walls

What is the job of the nucleus?
a) controls the cells activities
b) controls the chloroplasts
c) controls the plasma
d) controls the heart

Cells that look similar can have what?
a) little fuzz around them
b) many nuclei
c) green rings
d) different jobs

Why would you use a microscope?
a) To create a picture
b) To make something shrink
c) To draw something
d) study details of a cell

What is the kingdom that lives on land and absorbs food from living and nonliving things?
a) fungi
b) true bacteria
c) animals
d) plants

What is the second part of an organism’s scientific name?
a) genus
b) species
c) abus
d) cabbelus

What do you know about how pine trees reproduce?
a) they have flowers
b) they leak sap
c) make seeds but do not have flowers
d) The pine needles grow spores

Why would a scientist classify an animal a vertebrate?
a) it is warm blooded
b) it has wiskers
c) it's spineless
d) It has a backbone

Which is an example of an arthropod?
a) spider
b) worm
c) sponge
d) monkey

Which of these is an inherited trait of an animal?
a) hibernating in the winter
b) knowing when to migrate
c) yellow spots
d) staying away from preditors

Which describes migration?
a) animals learn this from experience
b) animals are born knowing this
c) animals learn this from mom and dad
d) animals learn this from other young animals

What are there more of in the world, invertebrates or vertebrates?
a) vertebrates
b) invertebrates

What are examples of vascular plants?
a) moss
b) grass, dandelions, trees, and celery
c) hornworts
d) liverworts

What are examples of nonvascular plants?
a) lilacs, roses, and pinetrees
b) tulips
c) trees
d) mosses, liverworts, and hornworts

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