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What were the three goals of the New Deal?
a) Reform, Relief, Recovery
b) Reform, Revival, Recovery
c) Recovery, Relief, Remodel
d) Recovery, Relief, Redo

What program did FDR create in order to make young men work?
a) SSA
c) CCC
d) VVV

Why did FDR create the New Deal?
a) To have families make money and become rich.
b) To bring immediate relief to families.
c) To bring immediate relief to families and to fix programs so a depression won't happen again.
d) To end the Great Depression

This program protected people's money and tried to prevent banks from closing again.
b) CCC
c) SSA
d) TVA

This program protected against layoffs and had NO immediate effect on the Great Depression.
a) Social Security Administration
c) CCC
d) None of these

Which group of people did Social Security protect?
a) Elderly and disabled
b) Elderly and Students
c) Disabled and Students
d) Disabled and infants

What ended the Great Depression?
b) The New Deal
c) WWI
d) The Stock Market Crashing

What caused the Great Depression?
b) WWI
c) Stock Market crashing
d) Reconstruction

Who created The New Deal?
a) President Bush
b) President Hoover
c) Andrew Johnson
d) FDR

What New Deal Programs are still in effect today?
a) FDIC and Social Security
b) FDIC and CCC
c) CCC and Social Security
d) CCC and TVA

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