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What are the inputs into Photosynthesis?
a) O2 and H2O
b) CO2, H2O, and sunlight energy
c) Glucose/Sugar and O2
d) Co2

What is the MAIN purpose of photosynthesis?
a) to create carbon dioxide
b) to create oxygen
c) to create water
d) to create food for the plant

What are the outputs of photosynthesis?
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Co2
c) Oxygen and Glucose/Sugar
d) Co2 and H2O

What is the purpose of cellular respiration?
a) to turn sugar/glucose into energy cells can use
b) to produce oxygen
c) to produce water
d) to make food for plants

What are the inputs into respiration?
a) Water and Energy
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon dioxide, water, and energy
d) O2 and Sugar/Glucose

What are the outputs of respiration?
a) Oxygen and Sugar/Glucose
b) Co2, H2O, and ENERGY
c) Water and Carbon dioxide
d) Energy

What is the purpose of Transpiration?
a) to gain energy for the plant
b) to release CO2
c) to release water through the leaves in order to take in more water from the roots
d) to make food for the plant

Where does the water vapor exit the plant?
a) stomata
b) roots
c) stem
d) xylem

What are the structures that open and close the stomata?
a) Root Cells
b) Transpiration
c) Xylem
d) Guard Cells

What process is transpiration similar to?
a) Chewing an apple
b) Perspiration - sweating
c) Digesting food
d) Heart beating

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