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To identify a biome, which types of information would be most helpful?
a) predator and prey types
b) climate and plant and animal life
c) longitude
d) highest latitude measurement

Which of the following can be considered an ecosystem?
a) the wood of a rotting log
b) a population of fish in a small lake
c) an entire desert, including abiotic and biotic factors
d) the community of organisms within a desert

Which of the following consequences occurred when sea otters were overhunted along the Pacific Coast?
a) Kelp came to grow out of control.
b) The sea urchin population was reduced to dangerous levels.
c) The population of sea otters on the Pacific Coast went extinct.
d) Many fish lost their habitats as kelp was destroyed by sea urchins.

What is an abiotic factor in a tropical rain forest?
a) the top predator
b) the rain
c) the trees
d) the plant life

Which phrase best describes a community?
a) the different types of predators in an area
b) the various species of plants in an area
c) all populations of organisms living in an area
d) all biotic and abiotic factors in an area

During the summer in the Arctic, mosquitoes breed exponentially. When winter comes, the population decreases dramatically due to a limiting factor. What is most likely the limiting factor in this situation?
a) no vegetation
b) more sunlight
c) excess of food
d) colder temperatures

What is the largest reservoir of nitrogen?
a) trees
b) soil
c) marine organisms
d) atmosphere

All penguins living together in one area are called a __________.
a) population
b) community
c) species
d) food chain

Which trophic level contains the organisms that are the source of all chemical energy used in an ecosystem?
a) herbivores
b) producers
c) decomposers
d) parasites

Which statement best describes how organisms use nitrogen?
a) Animals absorb nitrogen from the air they breathe and incorporate it into their tissues.
b) Plants absorb nitrogen from the air in photosynthesis and add it to the sugars they produce.
c) Certain bacteria living in the roots of plants convert nitrogen to a form plants can use, and animals obtain their nitrogen b
d) Certain bacteria convert nitrogen to a form animals can use, and animals obtain their nitrogen by inhaling this nitrogen.

Which statement best summarizes the water cycle?
a) As water moves through an ecosystem, its energy is lost between trophic levels.
b) Water in the atmosphere must be converted to another chemical before animals can use it.
c) The water on earth changes forms as it moves from one reservoir to another.
d) None of the above.

Which statement best describes the term biodiversity?
a) the total number of different species in an area
b) the total size of a population of a single species
c) the number of communities in an ecosystem
d) the number of trophic levels in a food web

Which types of organisms recycle the organic molecules of dead organisms at all trophic levels and return their nutrients to the environment?
a) parasites
b) herbivores
c) decomposers
d) carnivores

Which of the following most accurately demonstrates the order of energy flow in an ecosystem?
a) sun→alga→small fish
b) grass→mouse→grasshopper
c) sun→bird→worm
d) eagle→rabbit→grass

Early one spring, a group of bird-watchers counted 30 different species of birds in a tract of forest. In the early spring two years later, the bird-watchers counted 15 species in the same area. Which statement best summarizes this situation?
a) The forest shows a decrease in biodiversity.
b) Human beings disrupt the presence of animals in ecosystems.
c) Birds follow different migratory paths each year.
d) It is important to study living things to better understand the earth.

Which biome covers the largest part of earth?
a) desert
b) forest
c) grassland
d) marine

A large geographic area dominated by specific types of plants and animals and characterized by a distinct climate is called __________.
a) a biosphere
b) a biome
c) an ecosystem
d) a biodiversity

Which statement is the best description of an ecosystem?
a) An ecosystem is made up of individuals of the same species in the same place.
b) An ecosystem grows exponentially unless a factor limits it.
c) An ecosystem is a large tract of land that includes many species.
d) An ecosystem is a community and its surrounding nonliving environment.

Which statement is true about biomes?
a) Many types of water and land biomes exist on earth.
b) Biome types only refer to areas on land, not water.
c) There are many types of land biomes, but only one type of water biome.
d) Land biomes are more complex than water biomes.

Ten square miles of temperate forest has a larger variety of organisms than 10 square miles of taiga. What does the temperate forest have more of?
a) producers
b) abiotic factors
c) succession
d) biodiversity

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