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A resource that can be replaced in a short period of time is
a) renewable
b) alternative
c) fossil
d) nonrenewable

A layer of gas in the atmoshphere that screens out much of the Sun's UV rays is called the
a) air cycle
b) aquifer
c) reservoir
d) ozone layer

A fuel formed from the decay of ancient forms of life is an
a) alternative fuel
b) fossil fuel
c) biomass
d) geothermal fuel

A mixture of smoke and fog is called
a) biomass
b) smog
c) ozone
d) acid rain

Moisture that falls to Earth after being mixed with wastes from burned fossil fuels is
a) acid rain
b) groundwater
c) biomass
d) the water cycle

Getting fresh water from seawater is
a) conservation
b) deposition
c) purification
d) desalination

The continuous movement of water between Earth's surface and the air is the
a) geothermal cycle
b) ozone layer
c) the water cycle
d) water table

Water that seeps into the ground into spaces between bits of rock and soil is
a) spring water
b) reservoir water
c) well water
d) groundwater

The top of the water-filled spaces in the ground is the
a) ozone layer
b) water table
c) water cycle
d) reservoir

An underground layer of rock or soil filled with water is the
a) groundwater
b) aquifer
c) reservoir
d) water table

A place where groundwater seeps out of the ground is a(n)
a) spring
b) aquifer
c) water table
d) well

A hole dug below the water table that water seeps into is a(n)
a) aquifer
b) spring
c) reservoir
d) well

A storage area for freshwater supplies is a(n)
a) aquifer
b) spring
c) well
d) reservoir

Earth's internal heat is called
a) biomass
b) geothermal energy
c) fossil fuel
d) hydroelectric power

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