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Farmers in dry climates need to use _____ systems to provide water for their crops.
a) irrigation
b) sprinkler
c) security
d) water

______ can reduce the amount of water that a community uses.
a) water conservation
b) irrigation
c) old toilets
d) garbage disposals

Where can water NOT be found?
a) mountain
b) river
c) ocean
d) stream

Which is NOT an important use of water for animals?
a) provides a habitat
b) lubricates joints
c) helps body processes
d) rains on them

Which is NOT an important way water helps plants?
a) keeps them cool
b) helps move nutrients through the soil
c) helps photosythnesis to occur
d) draws water from soil

The most water is ussed for ____.
a) agriculture
b) electricity generation
c) manufacturing and minerals
d) residential and business

Which is not a way we use water for transportation?
a) drinking
b) send cargo
c) send people
d) vacations

What is not a way we use water for recreation?
a) bathing
b) skiing
c) swimming
d) boating

Which is not a way to conserve water?
a) doing many small loads of laundry
b) getting a new low-flush toilet
c) turning the water off when brushing teeth
d) turnning the hose off while washing the car

What are the two elements that make up water?
a) hydrogen and oxygen
b) helium and oxygen
c) hydrogen and helium
d) carbon dioxide and oxygen

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