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Importance Of The Fossil Record And How The Past Relates To Discoveries In The Future. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which conclusion can be made based on existing fossil evidence?
a) Many life forms have become extinct.
b) All life forms will remain the same in the future.
c) The Earth's environment has always been the same.
d) Present life forms have always existed.

Which inference can be made about the fossil record?
a) A great variety of plants and animals existed during the Precambrian Era.
b) Primitive humans have existed through most of the geologic past.
c) Fossils were extremely rare for most of the geologic past.
d) Very few life forms have become extinct.

The fossil record provides evidence that primitive humans were alive on Earth at the same time as the
a) mammoths
b) earliest birds
c) armored fish
d) dinosaurs

Which is the most probable reason that few Precambrian fossils are found today?
a) Precambrian organisms had few, if any, hard parts.
b) No life existed during the Precambrian Era.
c) Precambrian fossils are abundant but not readily observable.
d) No sedimentary rocks were formed during the Precambrian Era.

The climate that existed during the Silurian Period can best be determined by studying
a) fossils found in the bedrock
b) faults found in the bedrock
c) the present stream drainage patterns
d) the present climate

Which statement is best about dinosaurs?
a) They became extinct before the Cenozoic Era.
b) They were abundant during the start of the last continental ice age.
c) They developed from early mammals.
d) They were the first land animals.

Which fossils could most likely be found in the bedrock within a lakes area?
a) fish
b) birds
c) reptiles
d) mammals

Which fact provides the best evidence for the scientific theory of the evolutionary development of life on the Earth?
a) Characteristics of simpler forms of life can be found in more complex forms of life.
b) Fossils are found almost exclusively in sedimentary rocks.
c) Only a small percentage of living things have been preserved as fossils.
d) Most species of life on the Earth have become extinct.

Studies of the fossil record indicate that
a) variations within a species can be observed, measured, and described
b) variations within a species have had little effect upon the survival of the species
c) few of the species of plants and animals that existed have become extinct
d) there is no evidence for evolutionary development among the different fossil species

Theories of evolution suggest that variations between members of the same species give the species greater probability of
a) surviving environmental changes
b) remaining unchanged
c) becoming fossilized
d) becoming extinct

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