Mixtures & Solutions #2 Question Preview (ID: 1899)

Part II Questions 11 - 20. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

After I’ve shaken my solution for 5 minutes there still are salt crystals on the bottom. I must have a _________?
a) Solvent
b) Saturated Solution
c) Soluable Solute
d) Property

Using Kool-Aid as an example, would you describe a LOW CONCENTRATION as
a) Strong taste and light liquid
b) Little taste and a dark liquid
c) little flavor and light liguid
d) Strong taste and a dark liquid

Yuck! My Kool-Aid is too sweet! I’ll add more water and that will make my solution …(another word for less concentrated)
a) Diluted
b) Saturated
c) Stronger
d) Soluable

What is solubility?
a) When a material "falls out" of the water
b) When a liquid can't hold any more material and it won't dissolve
c) The property substances have of dissolving in solvents (liquid)
d) How quickly a liquid evaporates

True or False all mixtures and solutions can be separated?
a) True
b) False
c) Maybe
d) I don't know

There’s two cups with salt water in them. How can I tell which is more concentrate without tasting it or waiting to let it evaporate?
a) Use a coffee filter
b) Use a balance
c) Use a screen
d) Taste it anyway

A funnel was used to make two saturated solution of salt water. If the solutions were made at the same temperature, which is true. They have the same…
a) mass of salt
b) amount of water
c) concentration
d) properties

3 ways you can you separate a mixture/solution
a) Screen, filter, evaporation
b) Evaporation, filter, fill a syringe
c) Filter, balance it, evaporate
d) Screen, filter, stir stick

Name one material from class that we saw form crystals when evaporated and one that does not.
a) Citric Acid and Salt
b) Salt and Sand
c) Sand and Baking Soda
d) Pepper and Gravel

What is the most concentrated
a) Cup A: 1 spoon in 50 ml of water
b) Cup B: 3 spoons in 50 ml of water
c) Cup C: 3 spoons in 150 ml of water
d) Cup D: 1 spoon 100 ml of water

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