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Typically, very few people live in _______________ places because they are isolated and far away from job opportunities.
a) Rural
b) Urban
c) Coastal
d) City

The country that colonized a region often determines what language is spoken there today. For example, in Mexico, the people speak ______________.
a) French
b) English
c) Spanish
d) Portuguese

French, Italian and Spanish are all examples of __________________ languages.
a) Love
b) Germanic
c) Slavic
d) Romance

The transfer of plants, animals, people, diseases and ideas between Europe, Africa and America is known as ___________________________________.
a) Columbian Exchange
b) Currency Exchange
c) Columbian Express
d) Columbian Interchange

Evidence of ______________________ culture still exist today in many Caribbean countries due to the fact that many slaves were brought to this region long ago.
a) French
b) Asian
c) African
d) Spanish

Latin America’s culture is a blend of Native American, African and _________________________.
a) Spanish
b) European
c) British
d) Danish

The _________________ is the holy book of the Jewish people. It consists of the first few books of the Old Testament.
a) Bible
b) Koran
c) Torah
d) Constitution

Russian is an example of a ______________________ language.
a) Slavic
b) Romance
c) Germanic
d) Icelandic

_______________________ is the main religion practiced in Europe, America and Australia. It is based on the teachings of Jesus.
a) Islam
b) Judaism
c) Atheism
d) Christianity

Most people in Latin America practice _______________________________, a form of Christianity.
a) Judaism
b) Islam
c) Roman Catholicsim
d) Hinduism

_______________________ is the ability to read and write.
a) Literacy Rate
b) Human Capital
c) GDP
d) Literacy

People who follow ____________________ believe that there is one God. They follow the teachings of Moses and believe they are descendants of Abraham.
a) Islam
b) Judaism
c) Hinduism
d) Buddhism

The ________________ is the book which is read by Muslims.
a) Bible
b) Koran
c) Torah
d) Constitution

The first people to live in Australia were the _____________________. They are an important part of Australia’s culture.
a) British
b) Native Americans
c) Maori
d) Aborigines

________________________ is a blend of European and Native American culture and race.
a) Mestizo
b) Urbano
c) Myan
d) Colombiano

English is a _____________________ language.
a) Romance
b) Slavic
c) Germanic
d) Icelandic

The _______________is the holy book of Christianity.
a) Bible
b) Torah
c) Koran
d) Qu'ran

In Latin America, most people speak ______________________________.
a) English
b) European
c) Creole
d) Spanish

In Brazil, the majority of people speak __________________________.
a) Spanish
b) Portuguese
c) European
d) English

The religion of _______________ is based on the teachings of Muhammad.
a) Christianity
b) Islam
c) Judaism
d) Hinduism

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