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Most Canadians live in the ______________ part of Canada because the climate is milder.
a) Southern
b) Northern
c) Tropical
d) Tundra

The ________________ runs eastward from the Black Forest of Germany to the Black Sea.
a) Rhine
b) Nile
c) Danube
d) Mississippi

The majority of people live in the ______________________ part of Russia.
a) Eastern
b) Western
c) Siberian
d) Asian

The environmental problem which plagues the Black Forest in Germany is __________________________.
a) Acid Rain
b) Deforestation
c) Water Pollution
d) Mining

The ___________________________ separate Europe from Asia in Russia.
a) Alps Mts
b) Andes Mts
c) Rocky Mts
d) Ural Mts

A combination of fog and air pollution has caused this problem in London, U.K.: __________________
a) Acid rain
b) Water Pollution
c) Smog
d) Fog

This connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes which makes shipping easier for the United States and Canada: _______________________.
a) Panama Canal
b) St. Lawrence Seaway
c) Suez Canal
d) Pacific Ocean

When trees are cut down and not replaced, this is known as _________________________
a) Deforestation
b) Acid Rain
c) Smog
d) Air Pollution

The __________________________ spreads across northern France, Germany and Poland and is used for farming.
a) Andes Mts
b) Alps Mts
c) European Plain
d) Great Plains

__________________ is a large part of Russia which is very difficult to cross because it is covered in ice and snow.
a) Siberia
b) Nunavut
c) Antarctica
d) Sweden

Includes Spain and Portugal :______________________________
a) Siberian Peninsula
b) Iberian Peninsula
c) Scandinavian Peninsula
d) Floridian Peninsula

The _________________ spread across parts of France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.
a) Alps Mts
b) Andes Mts
c) Ural Mts
d) Appalachian Mts

___________________ has made the area around Chernobyl, Ukraine uninhabitable.
a) Farming
b) Deforestation
c) Radiation
d) Slash and Burning

The Canadian Shield is used mostly for ______________________.
a) Mining
b) Fishing
c) Farming
d) Ranching

Is made up of Norway, Sweden and parts of Finland: _______________________________
a) Scandinavian Peninsula
b) Iberian Peninsula
c) Grecian Peninsula
d) Floridian Peninsula

Known for having many manufacturing ports, the ____________________ is/are shared between Canada and the United States.
a) Panama Canal
b) Southern Ocean
c) Indian Ocean
d) Great Lakes

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