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If I had attacked him,
a) I will go to prison.
b) I would have go to prison.
c) I would go to prison.
d) I would have gone to prison.

I would have given you a lift
a) if I had had more time.
b) if I would have had more time.
c) if I had more time.
d) if I would have more time.

They wouldn't have had an accident,
a) if they had driven slowly.
b) if they had drived slowly.
c) if they wouldn't drive fast.
d) if they drive slowly.

If Karol had passed the exam better,
a) his parents would bought him a laptop.
b) his parents had bought him a laptop.
c) his parents would have bought him a laptop.
d) his parents will buy him a laptop.

If she hadn't met John,
a) she would has been single.
b) she would have been single.
c) she will be single.
d) she is single.

I would have fallen asleep faster
a) if I had drunk coffee.
b) if I drunk coffee.
c) if I hadn't drunk coffee.
d) if I drink coffee.

If I had met him,
a) I would say hi.
b) I would have said hi.
c) I had said hi.
d) I will say hi.

If I had studied more,
a) I would have passed the exam.
b) I would passed the exam.
c) I would pass the exam.
d) I will pass the exam.

If I hadn't talked to Jim,
a) he did something stupid.
b) he would do something stupid.
c) he would have done something stupid.
d) he will do something stupid.

He would have visited Rome,
a) if he has money.
b) if he had had money.
c) if he had money.
d) if he will have money.

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