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Bronislaw Malinowski Clarifies his idea of meaning by appealing to a notion of:
a) situational language learning
b) ‘context of situation’
c) Meaning
d) Morpheme

Coleague of Firth that was Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics from 1927 onwards
a) William Stokoe
b) John Locke
c) Bronislaw Malinowski
d) Louis Hjelmslev

One of the principal features of Firth’s treatment of phonology is that it is
a) Polysystemic
b) Different
c) Arbitrary
d) Infinite

He turned linguistics proper into a recognized, distinct academic subject in Britain.
a) John Rupert Firth
b) Malinowsky
c) Ferdinand de Saussure
d) Leonard Bloomfield

He took the subject as a hobby and suggested to the authorities of University College, London, that they ought consider teaching the phonetics of French
a) Sir William Jones
b) The Grimm Brothers
c) Daniel Jones
d) Kernell

Phonetic study in the modern sense was pioneered by:
a) Noam Chomsky
b) Henry Sweet
c) Firth
d) Saussure

It refers to language as a means of investigating reality, a way of learning about things.
a) The heuristic model
b) The modern model
c) The america's next top model
d) The Vogue model

Concerned not with the language as a system or product per se, but rather with the interrelationship between language form, messages and language uses.
a) Semiotics
b) Syntactics
c) Pragmatics
d) Structuralism

The central component is a chart of the full set of choices available in constructing a sentence, with an specification of the relationships between choices.
a) Situational grammar
b) Systemic linguistics
c) Systemic grammar
d) Historical linguistics

Is a set of mutually exclusive options that come into play at some point in a linguistic structure.
a) Characters
b) Typology studies
c) Research
d) System

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