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How is artificial selection different from genetic engineering?
a) Artificial selection is not related to genetics.
b) Artificial selection is not an example of biotechnology.
c) Artificial selection does not directly change a single organism's DNA.
d) Artificial selection is used to make genetically identical copies of an organisms, cell, or piece of genetic material.

Biotechnology affects different people and groups in different ways. Which of these uses of biotechnology would be most beneficial for the environment?
a) the use of microbes to remove algae
b) a fertilizer for crops to improve growth
c) the treatment of wastewater with microbes
d) a liquid for pets to drink to eliminate bad odors

The main goal of biotechnology is to use living organisms and biological processes to improve life on Earth. Which example would be most beneficial to global populations?
a) the engineering of eggplant to make it produce fruit in winter
b) the engineering of yeast to contain an enzyme used for making cheese
c) the engineering of fruits so that they ripen slower and can he shipped farther
d) the engineering of rice crops to withstand flooding and contain more nutrients

Biotechnology is the use and application of living organisms and biological processes for specific purposes. One exmaple of biotechnology is cloning. Which of these actions can produce a clone?
a) inserting a gene into the DNA of an existing organism
b) removing a gene from the DNA of an existing organism
c) developing new plants by crossing different types of plants
d) copying the genetic material from one cell and inserting it in another cell, resulting in two genetically-identical cells

Which of the following is an example of biotechnology?
a) adding fertilizer to crops
b) using yeast to ferment foods
c) studying the rate of growth of algae
d) using a computer program to model the shape of a virus

Scientists have produced a genetically engineered orange tree that is resistant to disease. Which of the following is the best example of a potential benefit to society that could result from this biotechnology?
a) increase in orange crop yield
b) reduction in orange crop yield
c) increase in the cost of orange crop
d) a change in the distribution of insects that pollinate orange flowers

Scientists must carefully weigh the risks and benefits of biotechnology. Which of these is a risk that scientists must consider when genetically engineering a plant?
a) what kinds of nutrients the plant will need
b) whether the plant will cause allergic reaction to humans
c) whether the plant will grow well in different types of soil
d) whether the plant can be crossbred with other types of plants

Artificial selection, genetic engineering, and cloning are examples of biotechnology. Which phrase best defines biotechnology?
a) the application of living things and biological processes
b) the use of computers and other electronic devices in the field of biology
c) the development of instrumentation that can be used to study biological processes
d) the process of creating a genetically identical organism, cell, or piece of genetic material

A technology in which the genome of a living cell is modified for medical or industrial use.
a) biotechnology
b) artificial selection
c) genetic engineering
d) clone

The human practice of breeding animals or plants that have certain desired traits.
a) biotechnology
b) artificial selection
c) genetic engineering
d) clone

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