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Magnesium is primarily stored in:
a) muscle
b) bones
c) liver
d) kidneys

A BMI of 25 to 29 indicates:
a) obesity
b) normal weight
c) overweight
d) morbid obesity

Iron is an important part of which compound?
a) hormones
b) hemoglobin
c) enzymes
d) lipid metabolism

Dietary iodine is required to form which of the following?
a) insulin
b) estrogen
c) ADH
d) thyroid hormones

A sign of calcium toxicity is:
a) weakness
b) cardiac abnormalities
c) kidney stones
d) hormonal abnormalities

Which of the following would provide the best dietary source of vitamin E?
a) multigrain cereal
b) daiy products
c) citrus fruits
d) lean meats

A food source of folate is:
a) raw spinach
b) strawberries
c) carrots
d) potatoes

A patient with a deficiency of riboflavin may exhibit:
a) cracks in the corners of the mouth
b) fatigue
c) muscular weakness
d) nervousness

Which of the following is an excellent source of vitamin C?
a) fortified milk
b) sardines
c) legumes
d) strawberries

Which of the B vitamins is especially important for childbearing women to prevent neural tube defects?
a) niacin
b) biotin
c) riboflavin
d) folic acid

A nondietary source of vitamin K is:
a) sunlight
b) intestinal bacteria
c) medication

Foods rich in vitamin A are:
a) orange fruits and veggies
b) oatmeal
c) whole grains
d) dried beans

The most common food source of vitamin D is:
a) whole grains
b) fortified milk
c) spinach
d) oranges

Beta-carotene performs all but which function?
a) aids night vision
b) maintains muscle tone
c) aids the formation of skin and mucous membrane

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