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A patient with a _________ malabsorption disorder may experience deficiencies in vitamins A, D, E, and K.
a) protein
b) cholesterol
c) fat
d) carbohydrate

Which of the following is not true about water-soluble vitamins?
a) They are effectively stored in adipose tissue.
b) They are easily excreted through the kidneys.
c) Overcooking vegetables may destroy these vitamins.

Examples of nutritionally balanced, complete protein combinations include all of the following except:
a) black beans and rice
b) whole grain peanut butter sandwich
c) pasta with tomato sauce
d) whole wheat cereal with walnuts

Which of the following oils is the most saturated?
a) olive
b) coconut
c) corn
d) safflower

It is recommended that we consume monounsaturated fats to help maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level. What would you recommend a patient use when cooking?
a) hydrogenated margarine
b) corn oil
c) butter
d) canola oil

Which of the following is the recommendation for healthy blood lipid levels?
a) Maintain HDL levels below 40 mg/dL.
b) Maintain LDL levels no higher than 100 mg/dL.
c) Keep the blood cholesterol level below 180 mg/dL.
d) Keep triglyceride levels below 140 in women mg/dL.

An example of a food that contains hidden saturated fat is:
a) coconut
b) canola oil
c) chicken with the skin
d) fat on a steak

Which of the following is not a function of adipose tissue?
a) Support and protect vital organs
b) Distribute vitamin C throughout the body
c) Contribute to a healthy nervous system
d) Regulate body temperature

Which of the following is not true about trans fats?
a) They are added to food products to improve taste.
b) They affect overall cholesterol levels by increasing HDL levels.
c) Trans fats must be identified on food labels.
d) Trans fats naturally occur in some foods.

According to the Food Guide Pyramid recommendations, which is true?
a) Carbohydrate-rich foods should be avoided by all individuals.
b) Patients with diabetes should restrict all types of carbohydrate foods.
c) The healthiest diet is high in fiber and contains complex sources of carbohydrate.
d) Protein intake should be limited to no more than 20% of the daily calorie intake

The effect of various carbohydrate food sources on hyperglycemic peaks is measured on what scale?
a) carbohydrate load
b) insulin impact
c) glycemic index
d) metabolic averages

When choosing the most nutritious type of bread, for what should you look on the label?
a) stone ground wheat flour
b) unbleached wheat flour
c) enriched flour
d) whole grain

The result of fat metabolism for energy is the production of:
a) glucose molecules
b) ketone bodies
c) amino acids
d) glycogen for storage

You are teaching a patient how to lower blood cholesterol levels through healthy dietary choices. Which of the following should you recommend?
a) whole wheat bread
b) carrots
c) corn
d) oatmeal

Which of the following statements is not true about the benefits of a high-fiber diet?
a) A diet rich in fiber may promote weight gain.
b) A diet high in fiber can help prevent atherosclerotic buildup.
c) Diverticulosis can be prevented by a diet high in whole grains and beans.
d) A diet high in fiber is an effective treatment for bowel irregularity.

Which of the following nutrients is preferred by the cells of the central nervous system for energy?
a) protein
b) carbohydrates
c) fats
d) ketone bodies

Which of the following is not a complex carbohydrate?
a) honey
b) baked potato
c) pasta
d) apple

The fiber that is most effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels can be found in which food?
a) legumes
b) celery
c) oatmeal
d) broccoli

Which of the following contains insoluble fiber?
a) peas
b) oat bran
c) beans
d) whole milk

Which of the following foods contains a significant amount of carbohydrates?
a) milk
b) eggs
c) spinach
d) chicken

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