Echinderm Test 2/2 Question Preview (ID: 1897)

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Sea cucumber are in class
a) Holothuroidea
b) Echinodea
c) Ophiuroidea
d) Crinoidea

Class Holothuroidea is characterized by
a) elongated body, tentacles around the mouth
b) no arms, ball or disk shape
c) long thin legs, single organ set in central disk
d) upward facing mouth, long feather like arms

Approximately how many different species of echinoderms exist
a) 70
b) 700
c) 7000
d) 70,000

Where is the mouth located on the sea star?
a) top
b) bottom
c) one at the end of each arm

What does echinoderm mean
a) spiny skinned
b) multi armed
c) pentamerous
d) sea star

What kind of skeleton does an sea star have
a) exoskeleton
b) endoskeleton
c) hytdrostatic

what is the function of the coelemic fluid
a) carries nutrients and oxygen to the tissues
b) carries nutrients to the tissues
c) carries oxygen to the tissues

where does water enter the water vascular system in a sea star
a) mouth
b) tube feet
c) madraporite
d) stone canal

Echinoderms are
a) omnivores
b) hetertrophs
c) carnivores
d) autotrophs

Tube Feet are ___________ of the_________ in the____________.
a) Metabolizers, coelemic fluid, body cavity
b) Muscular extensions, canals, water vascular system
c) The locomotion, nutrients, digestive glands
d) Posterior, mouth, sea star

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