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A blood platelet
a) thrombocyte
b) leukocyte
c) erythrocyte
d) plasma

A condition characterized by a lower than normal number of red blood cells
a) allergy
b) hodgkin's disease
c) anemia
d) elephantitis

A molecule that interacts with a specific antigen
a) antibody
b) leukocyte
c) allergen
d) thrombocyte

A substance capable of inducing specific hypersensitivity
a) antibody
b) immunity
c) allergen
d) thrombocyte

The process of clot formation
a) anemia
b) coagulation
c) inflammation
d) sickle cell

Security against a particular disease
a) inflammation
b) anemia
c) plasma
d) immunity

A red blood cell, or corpuscle
a) leukocyte
b) erythrocyte
c) thrombosyte
d) plasma

The fluid portion of the blood
a) plasma
b) erythrocyte
c) thrombocyte
d) anemia

A white blood cell
a) antibody
b) thrombocyte
c) leukocyte
d) erythrocyte

A localized protective response to injury or destruction of tissue, resulting in pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function
a) allergen
b) anemia
c) inflammation
d) leukocyte

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