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What is a group of players called?
a) team
b) partner
c) player
d) winner

What do you wear when it is cold?
a) trainers
b) rucksack
c) jacket
d) shorts

What do you get if you win?
a) a kiss
b) money
c) a goal
d) a trophy

What is the opposite of lose?
a) run
b) win
c) kick
d) score

What do you put your trainers and racket in?
a) a rucksack
b) a box
c) a jacket
d) a PE Kit

How do you get a point?
a) score a goal
b) miss a goal
c) kick the ball
d) pass to a player

What can you not do with a ball in Football? (not the keeper)
a) kick it with you foot
b) hit it with your head
c) touch it with your hand
d) stop the ball

What do you use to hit the ball in tennis?
a) your hand
b) racket
c) trophy
d) trainers

Who are they people on a team?
a) players
b) footballers
c) partners
d) coach

What do you wear on your feet?
a) jacket
b) shorts
c) trainers
d) gloves

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