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Children under the age of five do not need to exercise.
a) True
b) False

Which exercise requires more intensity?
a) carrying 50 pounds up five flights of stairs
b) carrying 25 pounds up three flights of stairs

Which type of exercise increases your strength the most?
a) lifting weights
b) walking
c) running
d) swimming

Which type of exercise benefits your cardiovascular system the most?
a) stretching
b) lifting weights
c) running
d) yoga

Most people fail to perform this activity
a) properly stretching after exercing
b) properly warming up
c) drinking enough water after working out
d) wearing proper shoes

How long should you exercise?
a) at least 10 minutes a day
b) between 20-30 minutes each week
c) up to one hour a month
d) at least 60 minutes each day

How long should you warm up before exercising?
a) 3-5 minutes
b) 5-7 minutes
c) 7-10 minutes
d) more than 10 minutes

At the conclusion of a workout session, it is important that you
a) warm up properly
b) cool down properly
c) take a quick nap

Before exercising you should
a) warm up properly
b) cool down properly
c) drink more water

Which exercise will raise your heart rate the highest?
a) walking slowly
b) walking quickly
c) jogging
d) sprinting

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