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The extremist Islamic group that seized control of Afghanistan during the 1990s was known as the
a) Taliban.
b) Mau Mau.
c) Mujahideen.
d) al Qaeda.

The long-time dictator of the Congo (formally the Belgian Congo) was
a) Mobutu Sese Seko.
b) Jomo Kenyatta.
c) Laurent Kabila.
d) Ahmed Ben Bella.

The Mau Mau was
a) a secret society that wanted to liberate Kenya from British rule.
b) a Communist organization that wanted to rule Kenya.
c) an alliance of tribes that wanted to liberate Kenya from French rule.
d) an organization that wanted to set up a democratic government in Kenya.

What caused the emergence of nine independent nation states in Central Asia?
a) the collapse of the Soviet Union
b) the departure of France from Central Asia
c) the collapse of the Ottoman Empire
d) the departure of Britain from Central Asia

What hindered the development of the Philippines after it gained independence?
a) economic and political dependence on the United States
b) the defeat of Ferdinand Marcos in 1986 election
c) investments with the Japanese
d) all of these

What influenced the independence movements of colonial countries?
a) all of these
b) the expense of maintaining and governing distant colonies
c) during World War II, the occasional defeat of Europeans by Japanese
d) the spread of democratic ideas

What is the name of the group that fought against the Soviet-supported government in Afghanistan?
a) mujahideen
b) al-Qaeda
c) Armenian Christians
d) Armenian Muslims

What is the name of the group that took control of Afghanistan in 1998?
a) the Taliban
b) the Northern Alliance
c) the Soviets
d) al-Qaeda

Which former colony of France was torn apart in the 1990s by a deadly civil war between the government and Islamic militants?
a) Algeria
b) Kenya
c) Congo
d) Ghana

Which nation is part of the Central Asian Republics?
a) Tajikistan
b) Armenia
c) Azerbaijan
d) Georgia

Which of the following colonies became an independent city-state with a standard of living far higher than any of its Southeast Asia neighbors?
a) Singapore
b) Indonesia
c) Malaysia
d) Burma

Which of the following contributed to Singapore's high standard of living?
a) Singapore was one of the busiest ports in the world.
b) Singapore has a socialist economy.
c) Singapore receives economic aid from the United Nations.
d) Singapore defeated Malaya in a war.

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