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What caused the Great Depression to end?
a) Finishing the Panama Canal
b) WWI
d) The Red Scare

Which of the following leaders were on the Axis Powers?
a) Mussolini, Hitler, De Gualle, Stalin
b) Mussolini, Hitler, Tojo
c) Churchill, Hitler, Tojo, FDR
d) Stalin, Tojo, Hitler, Truman

After Reconstruction, these businesses were slowly growing in the South.
a) Factories
b) Farms
c) Markets
d) Schools

This person promised an easy Reconstruction plan because he wanted to reunite the Union.
a) Johnson
b) Lincoln
c) Congress
d) Robert E. Lee

These people refused to work in gangs and have their families work sun up to sun down.
a) Whites
b) Northerners
c) African Americans
d) Southerners

This battle ended Native American resistance to moving to reservations.
a) Battle of Little Bighorn
b) Battle of Wounded Knee
c) Battle of Black Hills
d) Apache Resistance Battle

Which of the following violated the 15th amendment?
a) Grandfather Clause
b) Poll Tax
c) All of these
d) Literacy Test

President Bush created Homeland Security after which event?
a) September 11, 2001
b) The Cuban Missile Crisis
c) The Red Scare
d) Desert Storm War

Which of the following affected Native Americans?
a) American Revolution, Civil War, U.S. Army
b) American Revolution, Fur traders/Miners, Guns
c) Homestead Act, Transcontinental Railroad, Fur traders/Miners
d) Homestead Act, Transcontinental Railroad, Civil War

Which country originally controlled Panama?
a) Colombia
b) Peru
c) Venezuela
d) Chile

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