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On average, what weather phenomena kills more people every year?
a) tornados
b) hurricanes
c) lightning
d) excessive heat

What is the tornado intensity scale called?
a) Saffir-Simpson
b) Fugita
c) Richter
d) Musical

Where is the air pressure lowest in a hurricane?
a) in the eye
b) at the sea wall
c) on the outside edge
d) off the coast of Africa

Why does the air rise over the land at the beach?
a) cold air gets warmer, it makes it lighter so it rises
b) just because
c) trade winds are blowing
d) the land is cooler than the water

What is the area where most tornados called?
a) in the Gulf of Mexico
b) west of the Rocky Mountains
c) Himalayas
d) tornado alley

What is a convection cell?
a) a pattern of rising warm air and sinking cold air
b) the pattern of weather in one year
c) extremely dense and heavy air masses
d) IDK

What typically happens when a warm front passes through a region?
a) Temperatures fall, pressures rise
b) Temperatures rise, pressure rises
c) Temperatures fall, pressure falls
d) Temperatures rise, pressure falls

What gives air its mass?
a) air pressure
b) the seasons
c) barometric pressure
d) air molecules

Which THREE elements affect air pressure?
a) wind,Earth's distance from the moon, and clouds
b) amounts of plants, wind, and the level of water in the oceans
c) height above sea level, temperature, and amount water vapor
d) climate, seasons, the moon

What role does air pressure play in weather conditions?
a) it's force determines the strength of the wind
b) it is the primary cause of trade winds
c) it determines how high or low the tides are
d) IDK

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