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What is the amount of tilt that the Earth experiences?
a) 23 degrees
b) 98 degrees
c) maroon 5 degrees
d) 28 days (The zombie movie)

What are the 4 seasons?
a) Summer, Fall, June, christmas
b) spring, January, July, December
c) i have NO clue
d) spring, summer, fall, winter

What causes night and day?
a) the moon
b) the earths rotation on its axis
c) earth orbiting around the sun
d) the moon between the sun and the earth

What are The biggest angles of the suns rays that hit earth?
a) the equator
b) the ocean
c) hawaii
d) florida

What does it take the earth one year to complete?
a) tilting its axis north or south
b) a revolution around the sun
c) the change of one season
d) the movement of plate tectonics

What is the earths path around the sun called?
a) hemisphere
b) axis
c) orbit
d) none of the above

Which hemisphere is the United States in?
a) southern hemisphere
b) summer hemisphere
c) northern hemisphere
d) winter hemisphere

What causes different seasons?
a) spring fairies
b) the phases of the moon
c) the sun
d) the tilt of the earths axis

What is the earths axis?
a) the line that goes through the center of the earth
b) something that pulls the earth around the sun
c) part of the earth that receives rays from the sun
d) the direction earth moves around the sun

What type of climate does Georgia experience
a) mild with a small amount of snowfall in the winter
b) arctic blasts of freezing rain
c) none, we are too cool for winter
d) frigid with temperatures often below zero

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