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What are the three states of water?
a) Rain, snow, sleet
b) Evaporation, Condensation, Transpiration
c) Solid, liquid, gas

What is evaporation?
a) Water changing from a gas to liquid
b) Water changing from a liquid to a gas
c) Water changing from solid to liquid

What is another name for rain, snow or sleet?
a) Condensation
b) Evaporation
c) Precipitation

Most of Earth's water is
a) in water tanks
b) in the ocean
c) in the clouds
d) in pools

water falling to the ground
a) condensation
b) transpiration
c) precipitation
d) evaporation

formed by water that percolates through the soil
a) ground water
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) mud

water that does not soak into the ground
a) precipitation
b) evaporation
c) run off
d) a puddle

water heated and changed from a liquid to a gas
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) precipitation

water released into the air as water vapor from plant leaves
a) Transpiration
b) Run off
c) evaporation
d) condensation

cooling of water, which forms clouds and changes a gas to liquid
a) Condensation
b) Precipitation
c) Transpiration

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