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What characteristic is NOT true of animals?
a) They are multicellular.
b) they usually reproduce sexually.
c) They make their own food.
d) They have tissues.

All ___ lack a skull and a backbone.
a) vertebrates
b) eukaryotes
c) nulticellular organisms
d) invertebrates

Any animal with a skull and a backbone is classified as ___.
a) a vertebrate
b) a consumer
c) a mammal
d) multicellular

Scientists have named about one million species of animals. Most of them are ___, meaning they do not have a backbone.
a) insects
b) nonvertebrates
c) invertebrates
d) vertebrates

Which of the following is a vertebrate?
a) amphibian
b) beetle
c) starfish
d) spider

Which of the following is an invertebrate?
a) mammal
b) reptile
c) butterfly
d) bird

A natural sponge is a(n) ___.
a) plant
b) vertebrate
c) invertebrate
d) porous rock

One-fourth of all animals species are invertebrates called ___.
a) mammals
b) mullusks
c) reptiles
d) beetles

Less than 5% of known animals species are ___.
a) vertebrates
b) invertebrates
c) avertebrates
d) nonvertabrates

The majority of the known animals species are invertebrates called ___.
a) mammals
b) reptiles
c) insects
d) worms

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