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What type of economy is based on private property, supply and demand, and unregulated markets, it is a system where the common good is maximized when all members of society are allowed to pursue their rational self-interest.
a) command
b) free enterprise
c) traditional
d) socialist

In what system does the government control all means of production including private property, and make all decisions on how resources are to be used
a) socialism
b) communism
c) capitalism
d) mercantilism

What did the United Nations charter originally set out to accomplish
a) to set international laws that countries must follow
b) to encourage member countries to settle their disagreements peacefully
c) to encourage the establishment of freely elected governments worldwide
d) to organize free trade agreements among nations of the world

In which political structure is power granted to the government by consent of the people and government must follow rules and regulations
a) constitutional democracy
b) authoritarianism
c) totalitarianism
d) constitutional authoritarianism

Which of the following makes decisions about production in a command economy?
a) corporations
b) individuals
c) partnerships
d) government

Which statement would be consistent with the views of Fidel Castro?
a) the spread of communism is the greatest danger facing Latin America
b) the American military presence if the key to the defense of Latin America
c) Progress and justice in Latin America can only be achieved through revolutionary socialism
d) Introducing a free-market system will improve the economies of Latin America

In China, the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution promoted by Mao Zedong were similar in that both plans
a) ended dynastic rule
b) disrupted industrial development
c) encouraged capitalism
d) guaranteed human rights

After World War II, the Chinese Communists were successful in their revolution mainly because the
a) The United States refused to support the Nationalists
b) Communists had the support of the peasants
c) Communists had more technologically advanced weapons
d) Nationalists had been defeated by Japan

The withdrawal of France from Indochina, involvement of the Soviet Union in Cuba, and United States support of the Contras in Nicaragua illustrate that nations
a) consistently discard traditional foreign policy goals after changes to administration
b) tend to base foreign policy decisions on what they believe to be their self-interests
c) no longer use warfare as a means to solve international conflict
d) tend to refer foreign policy conflicts to the United Nations

The United States' involvement in the Vietnam War, and the Soviet Union's involvement in Afghanistan were motivated mainly by a desire to
a) exploit the mineral resources of the region
b) support governments that would remain strong allies
c) stop the expansion of Japan in the Middle East
d) Establish independent nation-states in the regions

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