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In the Soviet Union, a negative aspect of the Cold War era was the
a) attempt to preserve democratic ideals
b) development of peaceful uses for modern technology
c) development of effective means of international cooperation
d) high cost of maintaining the arms race

The Berlin Blockade, the operation of the Berlin Airlift, the organization of the Warsaw Pact, and the construction of the Berlin Wall are all examples of
a) efforts to prevent military conflict between the superpowers
b) situations that increased tensions between Communist and democratic nations in Europe
c) attempts to weaken the Soviet Union's control of its Eastern European allies
d) policies of peaceful coexistence and detente

Which is a major reason Cuban and Nicuraguan evolutionary movements were attracted to Communism
a) Comminist groups promised economic reforms and better living standards
b) Business owners and the military were supported by Communist groups
c) the goal of Communism was to encourage religion
d) Communist groups promised to reduce Spanish colonialism in the Western Hemisphere

During the Cold War Era, many Asian and African nations followed a policy of nonalignment because they
a) had the same goals and needs as the Soviet Union
b) needed the natural resources of Western Europeans
c) Wished to receive aid from the Soviet Union and the United States
d) Were afraid of losing their vote in the United Nations

Which term describes the foreign policy of India during the Cold War?
a) imperialism
b) mercantilism
c) isolationism
d) nonalignment

The Berlin Wall, the invasion of Budapest by Tanks representing the Warsaw Pact, and the Replacement of the Liberal Czekoslovak government all were related to
a) Mikhail Gorbachev's Introduction of the policy of Glasnost
b) Adolf Hitler's effort to promote national socialism
c) The Soviet Union's acceptance of capitalism
d) Attempts by the Soviet Union to strengthen Communist control

One reason the Soviet Union formed the Warsaw Pact was to
a) Ease the transition to democracy
b) Help institute capitalism in Eastern Europe
c) Limit the threat of invasion from Western Europe
d) challenge the economic successes of the common market

Berlin Blockade(1948-1949),Premier Khrushchev’s visit to the United States(1959), Cuban missile crisis(1962), Nuclear Test Ban Treaty(1963), Joint Apollo-Soyuz space mission(1975), Russian invasion of Afghanistan(1979): This list of events suggest
a) The United States and the Soviet Union were reluctant to resolve conflicts
b) the level of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union varied.
c) Economics played a key role in causing conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union
d) The United Nations was instrumental in reducing tension between the United States and the Soviet Union

The conflict between Israel and Arab nations since 1948 was often considered a part of the Cold War primarily because
a) the policy of detente evolved from conflict
b) Communist governments were established in many Arab nations
c) the leadership of Joseph Stalin strongly influenced the policies of Saddam Hussein
d) The United States supported Israel and the Soviet Union supported several Arab nations

During the Cold War Era (1945-1990), the United States and the Soviet Union were reluctant to become involved in direct military conflict mainly because of
a) the peacekeeping role of the United Nations
b) pressure from nonaligned nations
c) the potential for global nuclear destruction
d) Increased tensions in the Middle East

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