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What is the correct meaning of raided as it is used in paragraph 5?
a) to make a raid on
b) to steal from; loot
c) to entice away from another
d) to indulge oneself by taking from, especially in order to eat

Based on this excerpt, how has the author’s heritage influenced her message?
a) Esmeralda knows how to pick out a perfect guava
b) She is now back with her sisters in Puerto Rico
c) Esmeralda eats apples and pears from the market
d) She can no longer eat guava because it made her sick

The author included paragraph 9 to –
a) let the reader know how much a guava costs.
b) inform the reader of the season.
c) persuade the reader to choose a dark green guava.
d) reminisce about the author’s childhood.

Which phrase appeals to the senses of touch, taste, and sight?
a) pick one the size of a tennis ball and finger the prickly stem end
b) its heart is bright pink and almost solid with seeds
c) the inside of your mouth explodes in little spurts of sour
d) could feel the texture against my tongue, the tiny pink pellets of sweet.

'At night, your mother makes you drink castor oil,1 which she says tastes better than a green guava. That’s when you know for sure that you’re a child and she has stopped being one.' In this selection, castor oil represents the --
a) importance of timely health care
b) foolishness of youth
c) author's mother
d) cautiousness of adulthood

The author's purpose in this essay is to --
a) describe an exotic fruit rarely seen in the United States
b) reflect on a meaningful childhood
c) explain why her family left Puerto Rico
d) develop a detailed comparison of two different locations by contrasting their produce

Why does the author call apples and pears 'bittersweet' in paragraph 10?
a) The ones in the grocery store taste both bitter and sweet.
b) They represent her life in New York, about which she has mixed emotions.
c) The fruit tastes the same every time and has very few seeds.
d) She thinks the apples are bitter but the pears are sweet.

The phrase 'the guava joins its sisters' in paragraph 10 is an example of --
a) sarcasm
b) figurative language
c) commonplace assertion
d) sensory language

What feeling does the author convey through her use of the word raided in paragraph 5?
a) happiness
b) patience
c) eagerness
d) aggressiveness

What is the purpose of the factual details in paragraph 4?
a) to explain why it is hard to stop eating guavas when they are ripe and juicy
b) to show how difficult it is to grow guavas
c) to illustrate the importance of agriculture in Puetro Rico's economy
d) to emphasize what the author misses most about living in Puerto Rico

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