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Where is Roncesvalles?
a) Galicia
b) Navarra
c) Asturias
d) Canarias

What is the end of the Way?
a) Astorga
b) Santiago de Compostela
c) Oviedo
d) León

What is a typical object in the way?
a) Shoes
b) Pillow
c) Vieira
d) Door

What is the arquitectonic style of the Portico de la Gloria?
a) Gotic
b) Renacentistic
c) Romanic

Who is a famous pilgrim nowadays?
a) Zapatero
b) Rajoy
c) Zapatones

What of this regions is not in the way?
a) Galicia
b) Castilla y León
c) Navarra
d) Andalucía

Where is the end of the way (region)?
a) Asturias
b) Castilla y León
c) Galicia
d) Murcia

Where are the most importants gotics cathedrals in the way?
a) Logroño and Santiago
b) Navarra and León
c) Burgos and León
d) Castrojeriz

why was invented this way?
a) For tourism
b) for art
c) For defense against muslims

How many kilometers must walk between Roncesvalles and Santiago
a) 450
b) 345
c) 760
d) 34

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