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The system that includes lymph nodes, lymph, T-cells and white blood cells and protects against invading pathogens is the
a) excretory
b) integumentary
c) immune/lymphatic
d) respiratory

The system that uses the kidneys to filter blood and eliminate wastes is the
a) respiratory
b) endocrine
c) integumentary
d) excretory

Which system is responsible for taking in oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide?
a) respiratory
b) circulatory
c) endocrine
d) integumentary

Which two systems work together to maintain homeostasis while you are working out so that your bodies do not overheat?
a) integumentary and endocrine
b) integumentary and circulatory
c) circulatory and endocrine
d) digestive and circulatory

The human digestive system is approximately 900 cm long. Food is moved through the digestive tract primarily by —
a) bile produced by the pancreas
b) the enzymes amylase and pepsin
c) muscular contractions
d) hydrochloric acid in the stomach

Which of the following correctly describes an interaction that occurs between two body systems of a rabbit that helps the rabbit outrun a pursuing coyote?
a) The skeletal system releases calcium, and the circulatory system retains sodium in the blood to provide ions for muscles
b) The digestive system increases the rate of digestion, and the excretory system ceases to provide tissues with more nutrients
c) The respiratory system increases the breathing rate, and the circulatory system increases blood pressure for more oxygen
d) The endocrine system releases hormones that prepare the immune system to deal with possible injuries.

The pituitary gland release ACTH in response to low levels of Cortisal (a hormone). When Cortisal is up it stops releasing ACTH. Based on this information, , which of the following would cause cortisal levels to be elevated?
a) Undersized adrenal glands
b) An excess of ACTH
c) An inactive pituitary gland
d) An immune response to the excess level of cortisol

Health-care workers are exposed to many different types of pathogenic and nonpathogenic microorganisms. Which body systems work together to protect the body from pathogens?
a) Muscular and vascular
b) Digestive and excretory
c) Circulatory and immune
d) Endocrine and reproductive

The liver converts amino acids into compounds that can be used by the body for energy. In so doing, it produces urea. Urea is removed from the body though urine. What system works with the liver to remove urea?
a) endocrine
b) excretory
c) digestive
d) nervous

The system that is responisble for producing gametes is the
a) respiratory
b) endocrine
c) circulatory
d) reproductive

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