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The human body is about 60% __________.
a) water
b) air
c) salt
d) lipids

Vitamin D is made when your body is exposed to ____________.
a) sunlight
b) wind
c) noise
d) cold

Fats are also known as ____________.
a) lipids
b) nutrients
c) carbohydrates
d) elements

The amount of energy available in food is measured in __________.
a) calories
b) kilograms
c) joules
d) metrics

A molecule of protein is made up of smaller units called __________.
a) amino acids
b) fats
c) calories
d) nutrients

For every action it performs , your body needs ________.
a) energy
b) lipids
c) fruit juices
d) mercury

Controls the release of wastes.
a) anus
b) large intestine
c) small intestine
d) liver

Absorbs water from undigested food.
a) large intestine
b) small intestine
c) stomach
d) esophagus

Produces substances that stop stomach acid action and enzymes that break down organic nutrients.
a) pancreas
b) liver
c) gall bladder
d) stomach

How long is the large intestine?
a) 5 feet
b) 25 feet
c) 2 feet
d) 17 feet

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