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Which of these is the best plot summary of the story?
a) A boy and his father walk around and find a squirrel and a snake.Bob kills the snake. The next day they find another snake.
b) A boy, father, and Bob find a harmless snake, but father orders Bob to kill the snake. The next day they find another snake.
c) A boy, father, and Bob find a snake. The son wants to save the snake, but Bob kills it. Father realizes his mistake.
d) A boy, father, and Bob find a snake laying eggs. The boy is sad because the eggs are destroyed. Father realizes his mistake.

The conflict in the story stems from --
a) the father's and son's differing attitudes toward snakes
b) the dog attacking the snake
c) the ground squirrels eating the corn
d) the snake laying eggs in the cornfield

The author begins the story by --
a) introducing the conflict
b) describing the characters
c) explaining how cows tramples the corn
d) flashing back to the previous day

In paragraph 8, the father refers to the snake as his 'enemy.' What feelings are associated with the word enemy?
a) anger toward a personal opponent
b) worry about an invading army
c) suspicion of someone harmful
d) irritation with a hostile neighbor

The boy thinks the female snake did not fight the dog because --
a) she was not poisonous
b) she was waiting for her mate
c) the dog was too quick for her
d) she was trying to protect her eggs

The author develops the characters in the story by --
a) making them farmers who work hard on their land
b) showing their different reactions to the snake
c) describing their fear of the snake
d) making them father and son

Which line from the selection is an example of a simile?
a) We heard a ground squirrel whistle down over the bluff among dead treetops at the clearing's edge.
b) I looked as the snake lifted its pretty head in response to one of Bob's jumps.
c) She was now limber as a shoestring in the wind.
d) His face was red in the blue wind of day.

Which statement best conveys a major theme of the selection?
a) All snakes are evil and an enemy of humans.
b) Animals can sometimes show as much compassion as humans.
c) Sons and fathers often disagree.
d) Farming can be dangerous.

The father does not consider whether an animal is dangerous before killing it however the son __________________. Complete the statement.
a) acts without analyzing a situation
b) considers whether killing an animal is necessary
c) considers blacksnakes useful to farmers
d) thinks snakes should be respected for their beauty

Reread paragraphs 9-11. Which statement best shows how the narrator feels regret about the snake being killed?
a) I hated to see him take this snake by the throat.
b) She was going to the sand heap to lay her eggs, where the sun is the setting-hen that warms them and hatches them.
c) He cracked her limp body against the wind.
d) Mother sun could not incubate it on the warm earth.

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