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At the time the incident takes place, the speaker's attitude toward the girl is --
a) romantic and eager to please
b) passionate and a bit jealous
c) affectionate but superior
d) shy and frightened

The imagery of the breath in lines 6-7 and the breathing in line 20 stresses --
a) the coldness of the day
b) the speaker's nervousness
c) the speaker's poor health
d) the girl's hunger

The speaker puts the orange on the counter because --
a) he knows it will look tempting
b) he wants the girl to see how generous he is
c) he does not have another nickel
d) he knows the saleslady is fond of oranges

The imagery of the orange in lines 50-55 is --
a) ironic because readers would not expect a twelve-year-old to enjoy eating fruit
b) strange because he still has the orange after he gave it to the saleslady
c) symbolic because it represents the brightness of the boy's mood
d) sarcastic because the boy really wanted a chocolate, not an orange

'Oranges' is a narrative poem because --
a) it describes a time and place
b) it tells a story
c) it conveys the speaker's feelings
d) it uses free verse instead of rhymed stanzas

Who is the speaker in this poem?
a) A saleslady at the drug store
b) Gary Soto
c) A twelve-year-old girl
d) A twelve-year-old boy

Based on the last stanza, the reader can conclude that --
a) the boy and the girl like eachother
b) the boy will be arrested for shoplifting
c) the girl will not speak to the boy again
d) the boy will not eat the orange

What is the definition of burned as it is used in line 10?
a) to contain a fire
b) to give off light
c) to injure or damage by or as if by exposure to fire, heat, or radiation
d) to use up

Which lines from the poem shows that the girl is happy?
a) lines 13-15
b) lines 28-30
c) lines 38-39
d) lines 46-47

What type of figurative language does the author use in lines 42-45?
a) hyperbole and metaphor
b) imagery and hyperbole
c) onomatopoeia and metaphor
d) onomatopoeia and simile

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