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Willy goes to Howard's office to --
a) talk about Howard's father
b) remember old times
c) ask for another job
d) offer to take a lower salary

Howard's tone when talking to Willy can be described as --
a) friendly and helpful
b) honest and caring
c) worried and serious
d) short and condescending

In his monologue, Willy tells the story of Dave Singleman to explain why --
a) Singleman became a salesman
b) Willy has been a salesman all these years
c) many people came to Singleman's funeral
d) Willy's father moved to Alaska

Howard's actions during Willy's monologue indicate that he --
a) also admired Dave Singleman
b) has heard the story before
c) is paying close attention to Willy
d) is not interested in what Willy is saying

What is the definition of bear as it is used in line 84?
a) to hold up or support
b) to endure
c) to cause to have effect
d) to give birth

In lines 97-99, Willy's comparison of a man to a piece of fruit is an example of --
a) figurative language
b) irony
c) symbolism
d) commonplace assertion

Which line of dialogue best illustrates Willy's growing desperation in the scene?
a) Speaking frankly and between the two of us, y'know - I'm just a little tired.
b) God knows, Howard, I never asked a favor of any man.
c) You see what I mean? They don't know me any more.
d) I'm talking about your father! There were promises made across this desk.

In line 90, Howard says, 'I can't take blood from a stone.' What does he mean by this statement?
a) I can't give you something that is not available
b) I can't break a rock and find blood inside
c) I can find a job for you eventually
d) I can't give you a job because I know your father

How is 'Death of a Salesman' an appropriate title for this drama?
a) Willy died in an automobile accident on his way to make a sale
b) Willy's career as a salesman is at an end
c) Howard is going to kill Willy because he is tired of his complaining
d) It is the end of Howard's relationship with his father because of his sales career

How do the stage directions help you understand how his attitude changes through the passage?
a) Willy's attitude goes from nervous to frantic
b) Willy's attitude goes from calm to hopelessness
c) Willy's attitude goes from angry to dread
d) Willy's attitude goes from anxious to terror

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