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The part of a plot consisting of complications and discoveries that create conflict.
a) Rising action
b) Falling action
c) Crisis
d) Resolution

The main character of a play and the character with whom the audience identifies most strongly.
a) Protagonist
b) Antagonist
c) Catalyst
d) none of the other choices

A character’s reason for doing or saying things in a play.
a) Motivation
b) Objective
c) Crisis
d) Cue

A character’s goal or intention
a) Objective
b) Rising action
c) Crisis
d) none of the other choices

The conversation between actors on stage.
a) Dialogue
b) Diction
c) Subtext
d) none of the other choices

The pronunciation of words, the choice of words, and the manner in which a person expresses himself or herself.
a) Dialogue
b) Diction
c) Subtext
d) none of the other choices

A signal, either verbal or physical, that indicates something else, such as a line of dialogue or an entrance, is to happen.
a) Cue
b) Crisis
c) Dialogue
d) Motivation

A decisive point in the plot of a play on which the outcome of the remaining action depends.
a) Rising action
b) Cue
c) Subtext
d) none of the other answer choices

A reading of a script done by actors who have not previously reviewed the play.
a) Cold reading
b) Run through
c) both of the other answer choices
d) neither of the other answer choices

The development and portrayal of a personality through thought, action, dialogue, costuming, and makeup.
a) Characterization
b) Cold reading
c) Objective
d) Rising action

A person or a situation that opposes another character’s goals or desires.
a) Antagonist
b) Protagonist
c) Director
d) None of these

Information that is implied by a character but not stated by a character in dialogue, including actions and thoughts.
a) Subtext
b) Diction
c) Objective
d) Crisis

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