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The insect called a walking stick is on a plant branch. This would be an example of:
a) camouflage
b) predation
c) mutualism
d) parasitism

When plants grow toward sunlight it is called:
a) thigmotropism
b) unitropsim
c) phototropism
d) gravitropism

An organism that BREAKS DOWN dead organisms is called _____.
a) a herbivore
b) a carnivore
c) a decomposer
d) a detritivore

The repeated movement of water from the earth's surface to the atmosphere.
a) carbon cycle
b) water cycle
c) nitrogen cycle
d) Both A and B

What two biomes receive the LEAST amount of rainfall annually?
a) rainforest and desert
b) rainforest and temperate forest
c) rainforest and tundra
d) desert and tundra

You would most likely find plants with what type of adaptations in a desert biome?
a) plants with huge leaves
b) plants that live under water
c) plants that store water
d) plants that need a lot of water

What term is the same as a producer?
a) a heterotroph
b) a consumer
c) a carnivore
d) an autotroph

plant----grasshopper---bird---fox---mountain lion In the food chain, what labels would be correct for the fox?
a) 3rd level consumer
b) 2nd level consumer
c) herbivore
d) producer

Which of the following are ALL biotic factors?
a) grasshoppers, snails, pine trees, sand
b) shark, grass, temperature
c) pine tree, oak tree, whale
d) whale, wolf, pine tree, water

What is the ultimate source of energy for most living things?
a) proteins
b) darkness
c) cells
d) sun

Which of the following are all ABIOTIC?
a) sand, soil, water, rain, oak tree
b) grasses, cow, human, precipitation
c) precipitation, soil, wind
d) wind, butterfly, soil, tornado, shark

An organism that CANNOT make its own food is called...
a) heterotroph
b) autotroph
c) producer
d) green plant

A cat stalks, kills, then eats a bird. What terms can you use to describe the cat?
a) autotroph, consumer
b) carnivore, decomposer
c) autotroph, heterotroph
d) heterotroph, consumer, carnivore

Omnivores eat...
a) both plants and animals
b) consumers only
c) plants only
d) herbivores only

The prefix troph means...
a) to color
b) to cut in half
c) to eat or feed
d) to dig

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