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Instrument that is sent out in space and relays data back to Earth.
a) Satellite
b) Telescope
c) Space Prope
d) Spectroscope

Instrument used to collect light and make a bigger or brighter image of distant object.
a) satellite
b) radio telescope
c) spectroscope
d) optical telescope

Type of instrument that is used to study the sun because it can display the different elements in different colors.
a) satellite
b) spectroscope
c) space probe
d) telescope

The moon is an example of this because it revolves around the Earth.
a) satellite
b) space probe
c) telescope
d) spectroscope

Which of the following statements best describes what happens when gravity changes.
a) Mass will change, but Weight will remain the same.
b) Weight will change, but Mass will remain the same.
c) Weight and mass will both change.
d) Weight and mass will both stay the same.

Which of the following refers to the amount of matter in an object?
a) gravity
b) mass
c) weight
d) inertia

Which of the following refers to an object's tendency to resist any change in motion?
a) gravity
b) mass
c) weight
d) inertia

What force keeps satellites orbiting Earth?
a) Earth's gravity
b) Moon's gravity
c) Sun's gravity
d) Jupiter's gravity

If an astronaut could land on Jupiter, her _____ would increase.
a) mass
b) speed
c) weight
d) matter

The elliptical orbit of the planets in the solar system around the Sun is a result of the Sun’s gravitational attraction and ______.
a) gravity
b) tilted axis
c) inertia
d) distance from the sun

If Venus has less mass than that of Earth, what will happen to your weight if you move to Venus?
a) I will have no weight at all.
b) I will weigh more on Venus
c) I will weigh more on Earth
d) I will weigh the same on both planets.

Gravity is a ______.
a) wave
b) force
c) magnet
d) mass

Gravity is affected by _____.
a) Mass and Weight
b) Weight and Distance
c) Distance and Inertia
d) Mass and Distance

What happens to the force of gravity if the distance between 2 objects decreases?
a) gravity increases
b) gravity decreases
c) gravity stays the same
d) gravity disapears

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