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What unit would you use to measure the mass of a small object?
a) grams
b) inches
c) liters
d) millimeters

You could measure distance in ______.
a) kilometers
b) liters
c) grams

If Sally wants to measure the amount of soda in her can, she would use which tool?
a) a graduated cylinder
b) a ruler
c) a balance
d) a spring scale

Which metric measurement would be best to measure the height of plants?
a) metric ruler
b) stopwatch
c) balance
d) spring scale

A tool used to measure units with the Fahrenheit scale system of measurement. Which took is it?
a) a thermometer
b) a spring scale
c) a balance
d) a ruler

Deborah wants to identify which of two objects is heavier. What is best instrument for her to use to determine the heavier object?
a) balance scale
b) ruler
c) graduated cylinder
d) stopwatch

Juan wanted to record how long it took for salt to dissolve in hot and cold water. Which is the best tool for him to use to collect this data?
a) a stopwatch
b) a meter stick
c) a thermometer
d) a spring scale

The best instrument to measure a volume of liquid is a _________.
a) graduated cylinder
b) telescope
c) microscope
d) balance scale

The stopwatch is a scientific tool that measures ________.
a) elapsed time
b) amount of light
c) the mass of an object
d) how long an object is

Mr. Wilson wants to bake a cake. He measure the water needed for the cake. Which unit did he probably use?
a) milliliter
b) grams
c) gallons
d) kilometers

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