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This group of laws focused on segregating African Americans.
a) Jim Codes
b) Black Laws
c) Black Codes
d) Jim Crow Laws

Which court case overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson, determining separate but equal is UNconstitutional?
a) Plessy vs. Ferguson
b) Brown vs. Board of Edu
c) Brown vs. Arizona
d) Lusitania vs. Maine

This is a military alliance that formed after WWII. The countries agreed to defend each other if the Soviet Union should attack.
b) UN

This man founded the NAACP.
a) W.E.B. Du bois
b) Fredrick Douglass
c) Booker T. Washington
d) Rosa Parks

This Civil Rights leader believed in 'Any means necessary', which promoted violence.
a) Martin Luther King Jr
b) Rosa Parks
c) Malcolm X
d) W.E.B. Du bois

What was the main goal of the Allies during WWII?
a) To completely and utterly destroy the Axis Powers..
b) To overthrow the Nazi Party.
c) To take over Germany.
d) To take over Japan.

Which method converts iron to steel?
a) Bessemer Process
b) Iron Steel Process
c) Iron Conversion Process
d) Metal Melting Process

How did Railroad Companies make money to build the tracks?
a) They participated in slave trading.
b) They sold parts of the railroad.
c) They sold land surrounding the railroad.
d) They sold dead buffalo.

Which of the following are push factors for the Great Migration?
a) The Boll Weevil
b) Sharecropping didn't allow African American to pay off their debts.
c) Lack of economic opportunity.
d) All of these

What court case permitted Ruby Bridges to attend an all what school?
a) Brown vs. Arizona
b) Plessy vs. Ferguson
c) Brown vs the Board of Education
d) The Little Rock Nine

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