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Seismic energy travels fastest through solid rock because.....
a) It is less dense
b) Its particles are close together
c) Its particles have the biggest gaps or spaces
d) It has less mass

Why can seismic waves be detected far away from an earthquake?
a) Seismic waves travel in a straight line
b) seismic waves transfer matter
c) because the waves travel along earth's surface
d) seismic waves transfer energy through the layers of Earth

Which layer of the Earth is made up of metals that are liquid?
a) lithosphere
b) mantle
c) outer core
d) inner core

What are the two best words to describe the asthenosphere?
a) hard and rigid
b) fluid and brittle
c) fluid and plastic-like
d) liquid and molten

Where are you most likely to find earthquakes and volcanoes?
a) in the middle of plates
b) along plate boundaries
c) far from plate boundaries
d) where two pieces of continental crust collide

What happens at an ocean trench?
a) Subduction
b) transform boundary
c) continental boundary
d) where 2 plates are sliding past each other

What forms the Andes Mountains?
a) O-C plates moving apart
b) O-C plates moving together
c) C-C plates moving apart
d) C-C plates moving together

What causes a midocean ridge to form?
a) O-O plates moving apart
b) O-C plates moving together
c) O-O plates moving together
d) O-C plates moving apart

Why does oceanic crust subduct under continental crust?
a) it is more bouyant
b) it has more mass
c) becasue it is more dense
d) because ocean crust is less dense

What Minnesota feature was created by chemical weathering?
a) Limestone caves
b) Valleys
c) Moraines
d) Kettle lakes

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