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If a person in the US uses 15,000W of power everyday. How much energy would a city of 10,000 use?
a) 150,000,000 W
b) 15,000 W
c) 150,000 W
d) 1,500,000 W

In developed countries ______ % of the world's popualtion use ______ % of the energy.
a) 5,50
b) 25,75
c) 5,70
d) 30,70

The most common source of energy in the use is found in the form of
a) Nuclear
b) Oil
c) Coal
d) Natural Gas

An example of cogeneration creating energy would be
a) Using both coal and oil to generate energy
b) Using steam from a powerplant to heat a building
c) Increasing the amount of nuclear powerplants present in metropolatin areas
d) Operating powerplants at 30% of maximum sustainable yeild

1 gram of Uranium-235 contains ______________ times the energy of 1 gram of coal.
a) 100X
b) 10X
c) 100000X
d) More than 1000000X

If a substance has a half life 1000 years. How many years will pass after 5 half lives?
a) 5000
b) 1000
c) 2000
d) 7000

Which of the following is the best example of a depletable resource?
a) Nuclear
b) Wind
c) Solar
d) Hydroelectric

If a homeowner plants a large deciduous tree next to a southern window, he/she is using
a) Active Solar Design
b) Radioactive Heating
c) Passive Solar Design
d) Natural Resources

The difference between coal and nuclear power when it comes to how electricity is made is
a) Coal power generates steam and nuclear power does not
b) Coal is much more energy efficient
c) nuclear power produces more air pollution than coal
d) Nuclear power uses fission to create heat to generate steam

In developing countries, wood is the primary resource for heating homes and cooking. What major environmental impact is associated with deforestation?
a) Eroision
b) Acid Rain
c) Depeltion of stratosphereic ozone layer
d) Invasive species taking over the area

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