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If you ride your bike up a hill, then ride down the other side, your acceleration is
a) all negative
b) first positive, then negative
c) first negative, then positive
d) all positive

how many meters are there in 1,568 cm
a) 15.68
b) 156.8
c) 0.1568
d) 1.568

A factor that is manipulated in an experiment to change the depenmdent variable is the
a) constant
b) control
c) dependent variable
d) independent variable

According to the law of conservation of energy, the total amount of energy in the universe
a) increases
b) changes constantly
c) decreases
d) remains constant

The kinetic energy of an object increases as its ________ increases
a) potential energy
b) gravitational energy
c) velocity
d) specific heat

A device that does work with only one movement and changes the size or direction of a force is a(n)
a) simple machine
b) screw
c) compound machine
d) effort machine

An inclined plane wrapped around a cylindrical post is a
a) block and tackle
b) lever
c) screw
d) ramp

The size of the pravitational force between two objects depends on their
a) speed and direction
b) inertia
c) frictional force
d) masses and the distance between them

A feather will fall more slowly than a brick because of
a) momentum
b) air resistance
c) inertia
d) gravity

Water waves are
a) compressional waves
b) transverse waves
c) seismic waves
d) both a and b

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