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Why did the girls turn on Mary Warren?
a) Mary gave up on accusing
b) Mary testified against the girls
c) Mary started performing witchcraft
d) The girls did not believe Mary could be trusted

What creature did Mary Warren 'appear' as in the rafters?
a) A black cat
b) A bat
c) A yellow bird
d) A crow

Why did Abigail accuse Elizabeth Proctor?
a) She wanted revenge after being fired
b) She didn't like how Elizabeth treated her
c) She wanted to marry John Proctor
d) She believed Elizabeth truly was a witch

What did the devil 'promise' Tituba?
a) Fy her away to Barbados
b) Kill Reverend Parris
c) Give her freedom
d) Infinite wealth

Who was the expert on witchcraft?
a) Reverend Parris
b) Judge Danforth
c) Judge Hathorne
d) Reverend Hale

What item was used to prove Elizabeth Proctor's witchcraft?
a) A cauldron
b) Book of spells
c) Poppet
d) Satanic icons

Why did the girls begin accusing?
a) They were afraid that their dancing would be found out
b) They were truly being hurt by witches
c) They sought vengeance
d) They stole from Reverend Parris

Where did Abigail work?
a) Parris' church
b) Putnam's residence
c) Courthouse
d) Proctor's farm

How did Abigail escape Salem?
a) Took Parris' money and left by boat
b) Stole a horse and rode away
c) Journeyed into the forest alone
d) She never left

When did Hale attempt to get confessions?
a) Soon after the trials started
b) After quitting the court
c) After Elizabeth was arrested
d) During the first few tirals

Who caught the girls dancing in the forest?
a) Elizabeth Proctor
b) Thomas Putnam
c) Reverend Parris
d) Ezekiel Cheever

Whose wife was accused due to her reading of books?
a) John Proctor
b) Reverend Parris
c) Francis Nurse
d) Giles Corey

In what way were most 'witches' executed?
a) Stoning
b) Pressing
c) Hanging
d) Burning at the stake

How did Elizabeth Proctor escape execution?
a) Confession
b) Court pardoned her
c) She died beforehand
d) Pregnancy

Who refused to pardon any of the accused?
a) Reverend Parris
b) Judge Hathorne
c) Judge Danforth
d) Reverend Hale

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