Gatsby Vocab Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 1889)

Gatsby Vocab Part 2.

silly; childlike
a) whimsical
b) sarcastic
c) sincere
d) privy

most noticeable or elevated
a) prominent
b) somber
c) objective
d) morose

an action begun and suddenly stopped
a) abortive
b) feigned
c) ominously
d) languidly

having access to private information
a) privy
b) morose
c) saracastic
d) suspensful

honest and genuine
a) sincere
b) whimsical
c) fantastic
d) ominious

great joys
a) elations
b) ominous
c) languid
d) swank

unrealistic and highly imaginative
a) fantastic
b) abortive
c) suspensful
d) ominous

bold and dashing quality; more muscular than suave
a) swank
b) whimsical
c) transcend
d) morose

a manner of lazing about; moving withou haste
a) languidly
b) morose
c) sarcastic
d) suspenseful

the state of being stubborn, easy to anger, petulant
a) fractionsness
b) sarcastic
c) fantastic
d) somber

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