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a) to eat or wear away by degrees, usually by chemical action
b) broken, scattered remains
c) litter, rubbish
d) an artistic structure with parts that move easily

a) broken, scattered remains or litter, rubbish
b) to make full use of; to utilize
c) to use in a selfish way
d) to hold back or keep under control

a) happy and excited; overjoyed
b) to hold back; to keep under control
c) extra amount of time or space that allows some freedom
d) on a smale scale

a) brave act; make full use of; use in a selfish way
b) artistic structure
c) easily moved
d) held in low esteem

a) extra amount of time or space; freedom
b) a very small copy
c) to leak out slowly
d) soft, watery mud

a) on a small scale
b) to save from destruction
c) to clean by scrubbing hard
d) to search thoroughly

a) easily moved
b) coming at the beginning
c) causing feelings of sorrow
d) a hunt or search

a) a start or a beginning
b) property saved from loss
c) to leak out
d) a brave act

a) causing pity or sorrow
b) coming at the beginning
c) to look for
d) to hold back

a) the beginning of something
b) pathetic
c) to restrain one
d) to throw away garbage

a) a hunt or search
b) a start of beginning
c) to search thoroughly
d) broken, scattered remains

a) something used to control or hold in check
b) to leak
c) easily moved
d) at the end

a) quest
b) to be elated
c) to save from destruction
d) to search thoroughly

a) to scrub hard to clean; search thoroughly
b) to leak slowly
c) to make use of
d) to take advantage of

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