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What caused a rock to become round and smooth near a stream?
a) wind
b) acid in the water
c) moving water
d) fish in the stream

What happens to the liquid inside a thermometer when the temperature goes up?
a) it contracts and gets smaller
b) expands and gets taller
c) gets hot to touch
d) changes to a solid

What type of spoon would be the best choice to use to stir a pan of boiling pasta?
a) metal spoon
b) wooden spoon
c) plastic spoon
d) iron spoon

When one end of a steel rod is held in the flame and the other end gets hot. This shows it
a) makes its own heat
b) makes the flame hotter
c) is a good conductor
d) keeps cold away from the flame

What is the heat that is created by rubbing your hands together?
a) electricity
b) friction
c) fire
d) gravity

When two north pole ends of magnets are pointed next to each other the magnets will
a) attract
b) repel
c) line up nicely

If a material keeps something cold or hot for a long period of time it is known a good
a) conductor
b) convector
c) insulator
d) friction

What adaptation does an animal have that makes itself look like another animal?
a) camoflague
b) mimicry
c) long fur
d) adaptation

When the wind picks up an item and moves it to another location this is known as
a) erosion
b) deposition
c) friction
d) storm

Sand dunes are formed by
a) rain drops
b) manmade
c) wind and waves
d) animals

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