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Minerals are made from smaller parts called
a) elements
b) rocks
c) fossils
d) soil

The best soil for a garden
a) sandy
b) clay
c) soil with minerals
d) rocky

Fossils are found in
a) water
b) minerals
c) rocks
d) crystals

Which mineral is the hardest?
a) diamond
b) gold
c) quartz
d) talc

For a living thing to become a skeleton, it must have
a) an outer shell
b) die by drowning in water
c) have a skeleton
d) been dead for a long time

Fossils found under the land where cows live tells you that
a) fish lived on land
b) this land was once covered by water
c) the fish were dropped by flying squirrels
d) farmers fed the fish to cows

Soil comes from
a) fire
b) animals
c) rocks
d) sunlight

What part of a fish would most likely form a fossil?
a) scales
b) nerves
c) eyes
d) teeth

Which is not a type of rock?
a) fossil
b) sedimentary
c) igneous
d) metamorphic

Clay, sand, silt, and organic matter make
a) rocks
b) soil
c) minerals
d) plants

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