Gatsby Spelling Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 1888)

Spelling Words For The Great Gatsby. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Honest, direct; cutting to the chase
a) forthright
b) supercilious
c) swank
d) prominent

poetic and light
a) lyrical
b) supercilious
c) abortive
d) languidly

very serious
a) gloomy
b) privy
c) somber
d) swank

sadder than sad
a) morose
b) privy
c) lyrical
d) forthright

highly emotional
a) sentimental
b) gloomy
c) ominous
d) supercilious

to rise above
a) transcend
b) abortive
c) feigned
d) prominent

pretended or faked
a) feigned
b) swanked
c) privy
d) transcended

dark and suspenseful
a) ominous
b) somber
c) lyrical
d) sarcastic

the opposite of sincere
a) sarcastic
b) swank
c) privy
d) sincere

forthright and without opinion;
a) objective
b) privy
c) prominent
d) forthright

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